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Reintroducing the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

August 15, 2015

In the past, we’ve had the opportunity to showcase some really fun, really incredible media in Ubuntu. Content creators who value free culture have offered beautiful photography for the desktop and entertaining videos and music.

Not only does this highlight the fantastic work that comes out of free culture on Ubuntu desktops worldwide, but the music and video selections also help show off Ubuntu’s fantastic multimedia support by providing content for the Ubuntu live images.

The wallpaper contest has continued from cycle to cycle, but the audio and video contests have fallen by the wayside. But Ubuntu is more popular than ever, and can now power phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. So as we move closer towards a goal of convergence, we’d like to bring back this opportunity for artists to share their work with millions of Ubuntu users around the world. All content must be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike or Creative Commons Attribute license. (The Creative Commons Zero waiver is okay, too!). Each entrant must only submit content they have created themselves, and all submissions must adhere to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

The winners will be featured in the Ubuntu 15.10 release in October!

We’re looking for work in one of three categories:

You’re limited to a total of two submissions in any single category.

We’re still cleaning out the cobwebs, and selecting a panel of judges from the Canonical and Ubuntu design teams and the Ubuntu community. So in the next week or two we’ll announce Flickr, Vimeo, and SoundCloud groups where you can submit your entries. But you’ll have plenty of time to prepare before the final submission deadline: September 15th, 2015 at 23:59 UTC.

There are more technical details for each category, so please see the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase wiki page for the latest information and updates!