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Writing and Publishing a Book with Free Software

September 23, 2015

I’ve been a technology enthusiast since I was very little. I’ve always been fascinated by electronics and computers, and from the time I got my first computer when I was 10, I’ve loved computers for their own sake. That’s served me very well as a computer technician, but it can lead to narrow-sightedness, too. The one thing that doing computer support at my college campus drove home is that for most computer users, the computer is simply a tool.

Over the last year, I’ve been thinking a lot about Ubuntu in terms of getting specific tasks done. Not only because I was writing a book that would help Windows and Mac users get started with Ubuntu quickly, but also because Ubuntu development and documentation work best when they address clear user stories. Ubuntu is exciting for many reasons. What stands out for me is how Ubuntu excels at providing the tools needed for so many different roles. For any hobbyist or professional, Ubuntu can be the foundation of a workflow that creates amazing results.

Ubuntu integrates seamlessly into my routine as an author, from planning, to writing, to revision and editing, to layout and design, all the way to the final step of publishing. Ubuntu gives me the tools I need whether my book is traditionally or self-published.

In this presentation, I talk about the process of writing and publishing a book, and although the presentation focuses on the steps involved in publishing, it also illustrates where the Free Software available in Ubuntu can be utilized along the way.

The slides are available at Other software mentioned in the presentation is available from the following sites:

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For a more comprehensive look at how Ubuntu can work for you as you come from Windows or OS X, take a look at my book, Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users, available today on Amazon or from your local book retailer.