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We're looking for Ubuntu 17.10 wallpapers right now!

June 1, 2017

Ubuntu is a testament to the power of sharing, and we use the default selection of desktop wallpapers in each release as a way to celebrate the larger Free Culture movement. Talented artists across the globe create media and release it under licenses that don’t simply allow, but cheerfully encourage sharing and adaptation. This cycle’s Free Culture Showcase for Ubuntu 17.10 is now underway!

Big changes for Ubuntu mean we want 12 big desktop images. Your photo or illustration can be the first thing an Ubuntu user sees when they sit down to use their computer.

Submissions will be handled via Flickr at the Ubuntu 17.10 Free Culture Showcase - Wallpapers group, and the submission window begins now and ends on March 5th.

More information about the Free Culture Showcase is available on the Ubuntu wiki at

I’m looking forward to seeing the 10 photos and 2 illustrations that will ship on all Ubuntu 17.10 desktop systems on October 19th!