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Declaring the Commencement of the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase for 18.10

July 2, 2018

Another LTS is here and the upgrade prompts are coming to a desktop near you in just a couple of weeks. But Ubuntu development never stops, and creative persons come together to collaborate concurrently with cautious users scrutinizing new releases.

Every Ubuntu release contemplates a question. A carefully chosen codename piques the curiousity of keen, eager fans. Ubuntu 18.10 isn’t excluded from this cunning course of continuing curios.

Ubuntu 18.10 is codenamed Cosmic Cuttlefish. Christened after a cute mollusc of the class Cephalopoda, these clever creatures have made the cut since the early Cretaceous. Careful consideration will expose an extraordinary quirk: chromatic changes facilitate a unique mechanism for communication. They change the color of their skin to send communiqués. This codename should encourage wacky and eccentric, but unique and colorful images we can ship in October!

For the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase for 18.10, we’re requesting accomplished and consummate photographers and artists to submit their Creative Commons-licensed photos and artwork to the Free Culture Showcase, a contest that determines which wallpapers we’ll include with Ubuntu 18.10 as extra content for choosy consumers of desktop Ubuntu.

The contest will conclude on August 13th. Check the subsequent conditions for acceptance, and consider sharing your creation with the cosmic community across the globe.

All content must be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike or Creative Commons Attribute license. (The Creative Commons Zero waiver is okay, too!). Each entrant must only submit content they have created themselves, and all submissions must adhere to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

The winning collection will be included in the Ubuntu 18.10 release on October 18th, 2018!

There’s cornucopia of other considerations, so please consult the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase wiki page for details. Good luck!